Dead as a Door Knocker - Diane Kelly

Whitney Whitaker loves turning an eyesore of a house into a beautiful piece of art. She's just been given the opportunity to purchase a charming old house for an amazing price. She can't wait to renovate the place and get it on the market, but she's going to have to because her cat, Sawdust, has just found a dead body in the flowerbed. This is Nashville Police Detective Collin Flynn's first murder investigation and Whitney doesn't think he's up to the job, obviously, because he wants to put her behind bars! Whitney needs to solve the case before she loses the money she put into the house, or worse, loses her life.

I love that cover. I was pleasantly surprised by this first book in a new series. I liked the main character, Whitney. She had her share of problems but always persevered. She was a hard worker, loved her family, friends and her little Sawdust and appreciated all they did for her. I love home renovations, flipping, interior decorating and everything else that goes along with making a house beautiful and homey and this book didn't disappoint. At first I groaned at Sawdust having his own chapters, but that was before I read a word of them - they're short and sweet, are totally adorable and added a huge dose of cuteness. I liked the mystery. I was convinced I had it figured out from the very beginning and I'm so happy I was wrong. A page-turner for sure. I can't wait for more!

Thank you to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for an ARC.