Best Friends Forever - Margot Hunt

Kat Grant is an artsy socialite. Alice Campbell is a struggling suburbanite. But these two women are best friends. So when Kat's husband, Howard, falls to his death from the second floor balcony of their mansion, Alice will be there for her. Howard wasn't a nice person. He was abusive, he was arrogant, a drunk, and according to police he was a murder victim. But Alice can't get a hold of Kat - no calls, no texts, and her wealthy family will not let Alice near their daughter.

This book kept me up into the early hours of the morning when I was already exhausted. That's a sign of a good book! Kat and Alice were real. They were interesting and frustrating. These two have lots of layers. We go back and forth from present day to three years ago when Alice and Kat first met. Great writing. Suspenseful. I did figure out a big part early on, which I'm no good at doing, so I don't know if that's why I felt underwhelmed with the ending or if there was a bit much going on or maybe it's a combination of both. But overall this was a compelling read that I wish I had've read sooner!