Murder in Her Stocking - G.A. McKevett

It's Christmastime but things aren't as cheery as they could be in sleepy McGill, Georgia. Someone has vandalized the town's celebrated nativity display. And a scandalous resident has been found dead in an alley. The police are puzzled so Stella Reid decides it's time to stir the gossip pot to figure out who could've done such a thing. With her grandchildren in danger, as well as her best friend and neighbour in danger for different reasons, finding the suspect isn't going to be easy especially before Santa Claus comes to town.

I didn't realize this was a prequel series to the Savannah Reid series, which I've never read. It felt as though I should have known these characters right away and I didn't, so I don't know if that's why I never connected or really cared for any of them. It took me about halfway through to enjoy the book. Before that I didn't want to pick it back up when I set it down. It's more focused on Stella Reid and her seven grandkids who are poor Southerners with hearts of gold living in a small town where everyone gossips.. ugh, I have that here, I don't want to read about it too. The mystery itself was good. I guess that's why I enjoyed the last half, we were getting closer to solving the murder. And closer to the book ending. I'm glad it's over. It wasn't for me.

Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington for an ARC.