Just Between You And Me: A Memoir - Myles Goodwyn

When I started this book, I was depressed and I guess because I listen to a lot of April Wine, reading this book felt like a friend sharing their story with me. It kept my mind off things and I couldn't wait to pick it back up. Myles lays it all out in the open for us. He tells us about his childhood. Growing up poor, his mother dying at a young age. His early bands. How April Wine came to be, and their many lineup changes and what their songs are about. He takes us through his later years, talks about his health and his other ventures. There's nothing in here that's crude, he doesn't put anyone down. He seems like a classy, down-to-earth guy and like I said it felt like I had a friend while I was reading this book. I could gush about how I think April Wine is the best band to come out of Canada. And they started in Nova Scotia, where I'm from! So cool. Definitely check this book out if you're a big April Wine/Myles Goodwyn fan.