Like Never and Always - Ann Aguirre

Two best friends are dating brothers. They're all hanging out together, driving around on a hot summer night when things go horribly wrong. Liv wakes in the hospital, but everyone is calling her Morgan. She's hoping things will get cleared up when the bandages come off, but sadly that's not what happens. Liv has become her best friend Morgan. Morgan is a beautiful rich girl who seemed to have the perfect life, but as Liv finds out it's anything but. She uncovers one dark secret after the other until she fulfills Morgan's last request.

This book immediately had me hooked. What is going on?! Liv died but now she's in Morgan's body? And all these secrets Morgan had - wow. This book can serve as a reminder that everyone has their own story, we shouldn't judge or jump to conclusions. I liked the characters. The story was never boring - one thing snowballed into a lot of dirty secrets coming out and Morgan/Liv found strength and courage to keep her head held high. I liked how she no longer took the little things for granted and that she also found out who her true friends were. A compulsive and interesting read for me.

Thank you to Netgalley and Macmillan-Tor/Forge for a copy of this book