Wired - Caytlyn Brooke

Maggie Stone reluctantly goes along with her brother, Andy, and her best friend/roommate, Sarah, to the launch party of the Vertix H2. The Vertix is an innovative device that connects to your brain stem and allows you to control virtual reality with your mind. It becomes an addiction for Maggie and it's quickly ruining her life.

I could not put this book down. Although Maggie was frustrating and kind of childish at times I was so wrapped up in her life. Everyone felt real and this new Vertix could very well happen in the near future. It sounds amazing, too, to be honest. There were some cool apps. Since it's split screen, you could see the places you're looking at as they are in the present as well as how they looked in the past. Very interesting and creative. The author lost me towards the end - it was just a tiny bit too long and felt different from the rest of the book as Maggie's addiction and her life spiraled out of control, but overall I enjoyed this story of being addicted to the newest technology, social media and virtual reality. It's relatable in this day and age.

I won a copy of this book through LibraryThing. Thank you to BHC Press.