S. - Doug Dorst, J.J. Abrams

Ship of Theseus is the final book written by V. M. Straka and published in 1949. It's about a man who has no idea about his past or who he is. He's shanghaied onto a strange ship with a strange crew and thrown onto a perilous journey. The writer himself, Straka, is enigmatic. Nobody knows what he looks like or exactly who he is. Even his translator had never seen him face-to-face.

When a young woman named Jen picks up this book, left behind by a stranger, she discovers margin notes. She, too, becomes entranced by the story and responds with notes of her own and leaves the book for its owner. While Jen is a college senior, Eric, the owner of the book, is a disgraced grad student. But they're both facing crucial decisions about who they are and who they want to be. And how much they're willing to trust another person. And they're both trying their hardest to figure out the hidden secrets of Ship of Theseus.

Oh. My. God. This book was so good. It's easy to be intimidated once you open it up and go through it. There's so many things underlined and so much written in the margins and in different colours. There's pages and pictures and postcards stuck in between the pages. How do I read this thing?? I went through the main part first - Ship of Theseus. We follow a man simply known as S. He doesn't know who he is, his past, what he's supposed to be doing. The story had a lot of depth. It was very interesting and kept me turning the pages. Then we read Jen and Eric's notes back and forth to each other. The way I read this was penciled notes, which are Eric's notes to himself, along with blue and black notes first. Then orange and green. Then purple and red. Then, finally, black and black. As much as I enjoyed Ship of Theseus (especially the first couple hundred pages!), I enjoyed their story more. They're trying to find out just who Straka was and there are all kinds of hidden clues in Ship of Theseus for them to uncover something amazing. The book itself is beautiful. It's made to look like an old library book - stamps on it, yellowed pages, stains. The actual book and the stories inside are well-written, clever and amazing and I'm just so in love!