The Last Night at Tremore Beach - Mikel Santiago

Peter Harper is a world-renowned composer. He's taking some time to clear the cobwebs after a recent divorce and dry spell in creativity and he's spending the summer on the Irish coast. Tremore Beach is beautiful and isolated. His neighbours are good people. He's involved with a wonderful woman. And his kids are coming to visit. But after he's struck by lightning one stormy night, Peter starts getting wicked headaches and having strange dreams; dreams that are so real Peter doesn't know where they end and reality begins. But he soon figures out that these dreams may be warnings of things to come.

I liked the setting. I liked the concept - a man struck by lightning begins having vivid dreams about his loved ones being hurt by strangers. But then the other part of the story, the one that wraps everything up, just didn't do it for me. It left me disappointed.