In Too Deep - Samantha Hayes

Gina's husband Rick leaves the house to buy a newspaper, but he never makes it back home. It's been four months without Rick when Gina receives a phone call confirming reservations he made before he disappeared. She had no idea he planned a getaway to a nice hotel and assumes it's for their anniversary. She takes it as a sign that she should go. Not only does Gina believe it will bring her closer to Rick, in her delusional state she thinks Rick may even be there. She drags along her reluctant teenage daughter Hannah. But instead of enjoying the spa treatments and time away from home, they're both put in unimaginable danger.

It was slow going at first but the more I read the more I had to know what happened to Rick. I'm not very good at guessing the outcome of a book, but I saw this one coming a mile away. For me it didn't really take anything away from the book - it was still interesting, still held my attention and I did like the characters and their drama.