Follow Me Back - A.V. Geiger

Tessa Hart suffers from agoraphobia after a traumatic experience during a summer program she was attending. She has even deferred her freshman year of college. She spends all her time in her room obsessing over pop star Eric Thorn on Twitter.


Eric Thorn is worried his fans will attack him. This fear started after another artist had been stalked and murdered by one of his fans. Eric is fed up with all the fangirls and the social media publicity and promoting he's forced to do, so he creates another account to anonymously bash himself and his fangirls. He decides to message one of his top followers, which happens to be Tessa, to tell her her life is meaningless and Eric Thorn will never like her. But what blossoms into a strong friendship may have deadly consequences.


I enjoyed this book. The ending was great! I'm a sucker for books like this - told through Twitter messages and police interrogations. I liked the suspense. It starts off with a police interrogation then we learn about Tessa and Eric and how the police became involved and in between we're given more interrogations. I liked both Tessa and Eric and found their problems real. It's relevant today with almost everyone in the world being connected through the internet. Hopefully this book is a reminder to some that we never know who we're talking to online and that it's better to be safe than sorry.