Unnatural Deeds - Cyn Balog

Victoria Zell doesn't fit in. She was the new kid last year at St. Ann's - a close-knit Catholic school - and still hasn't made any friends. But now she's not the new kid anymore. Mysterious and charismatic Z is. He makes her feel special. He makes everyone in the whole school feel special. Victoria becomes obsessed with Z, trying to figure out who he really is. And that's when something terrible happens.

This book was so good. I devoured it so I didn't have a chance to put the pieces together that I may have noticed otherwise. I love how this is Victoria's story about what happened, written to her boyfriend, Andrew. The whole story flowed well, the characters felt real, I enjoyed the twists and turns. I also really enjoyed the police interviews with students, teachers and parents. Definitely worthy of a re-read.