Beautifully Broken - Laura    Lee

Kat has been through a lot. She does what she has to do to get by and she numbs her pain with alcohol and one-night-stands. But on her eighteenth birthday she meets a man who will turn her whole world upside down. She can't let herself get close, but there's a spark between them that she can't ignore. As time passes he teaches her many things - how to love, to be optimistic, literature. She met Gavin in the summer, before they knew he'd be her Lit teacher during her senior year of high school. This is Kat's story about her struggles and now, four years later, how she has Gavin - Mr. Cooper - to thank for the woman she has become.

I had my doubts through a lot of the book about how much I'd enjoy it overall. But now that I've finished it, it was actually really good. There were many obstacles, lots of ups and downs; and it felt like a complete, solid story. Kat was hard to warm up to, but she's had her share of pain. Gavin kinda felt a bit possessive at times. But you can tell they love each other and love makes people do crazy things so who am I to question how they act.