Suicide Forest - Jeremy Bates

A group of friends are planning to hike Mt. Fuji but their plans are cancelled due to impending rain. They then meet an Israeli couple who were also planning to hike Mt. Fuji but are now going to go camp in Aokigahara Jukai (also known as The Suicide Forest) instead. The group of friends tag along with the Israeli couple to see if the place is really haunted. They move past the signs urging people to think of their loved ones and not to continue into the forest but their curiosity is piqued. The forest is so dense it's easy to become lost. And by morning one of them will go missing.

This was well-written. It had the right amount of spookiness. The characters were three-dimensional. I enjoyed the snippets about their lives before they got caught up in the horrors of The Suicide Forest. It was easy to feel like you were there in the forest with them. I'm looking forward to book number two in World's Scariest Places!