Root, Petal, Thorn - Ella Joy Olsen

Ivy Baygren loves her husband, Adam, and their bungalow that's in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Salt Lake City. She loves the quaint details and the rose bush called Emmeline Rose after one of the home's original inhabitants. When Adam would renovate their home and find treasures left behind from previous owners, he would call them "Easter Eggs" But Adam has unexpectedly died and it's up to Ivy to finish the home improvement projects they had planned. As she does so, she finds more Easter Eggs and uncovers clues about the women who have lived in the house throughout its one hundred years - the young Mormon torn between following her heart and her anti-polygamist beliefs, the Greek immigrant during World War II, a troubled single mother in the 1960's. As she learns about their lives, she also learns that there is a little sad in every story.

The cover is beautiful. I loved the concept of the book and enjoyed learning about each of the five women connected by the same old house. The stellar writing makes these women come to life and their stories are equally compelling. A great debut for Ella Joy Olsen!