Girl Number One - Jane Holland

Eleanor Blackwood was only six-years-old when she witnessed her mother's murder. The killer was never found. Now, exactly 18 years later, Eleanor finds a woman's body in the same spot where her mother was killed. By the time Eleanor gets out of the woods and the police arrive, the body is gone. The police don't believe the body was ever there and Eleanor is left wondering if her mother's killer has resurfaced, who it could be and when they'll come after her.

The writing wasn't that good. The characters were one-dimensional. The main character got on my nerves. She's finding dead bodies all over the place and all she's thinking about is how good Connor, Tris and Denzil look and which one she wants to sleep with at that particular moment, even when she suspects they could be the killer. The romance thrown into the book seemed out of place. The author spent too much time describing paths, hills and waves - I wanted to know about the murders! It was boring. By the end of the book I didn't even care who did what. And this: "A holiday photo of me and my parents on a sandy beach, taken while my mum was still alive." Really? That last part needed to be written? Ugh.