Faithful: A Novel - Alice Hoffman

Shelby Richmond and her best friend Helene Boyd were in a car accident when they were teenagers. Shelby blames herself for what happened and always carried around the guilt of being the driver and the survivor. Shelby suffered through some dark years, but she's slowly crawling out of the depths of despair to discover what makes her happy - Chinese food, dogs and the people who cared about her when she didn't even care about herself. Not only has she found true friends but she finally found the angel that has been watching over her since that icy night long ago.

At first I wasn't sure about this book. But I grew to love Shelby so much. Her feelings, her actions, just everything about her felt real. All of the characters felt real. The story was well-written, flowed smoothly and made me feel so many different emotions. It's one of those books that truly makes you feel as though you're part of the character's life in some way. I really enjoyed it!