Pretty Girls - Karin Slaughter

More than twenty years ago, Julia Carroll vanished without a trace. Her two younger sisters haven't spoken since. Claire is married to a millionaire and has no children. Lydia is a single mother, dating an ex-con and struggling to make ends meet. Although they couldn't be more different, they still carry the pain of losing their sister. The murder of Claire's husband brings Claire and Lydia together and after uncovering one horrifying secret after another they finally find the answers to questions they've had for over twenty years.

This book was soo good! I was hooked from the very beginning. I stayed up very late because I couldn't stop reading. The writing was excellent. There was lots of suspense and twists and turns. I was shocked at some things. It's heartbreaking to think that these kinds of things happen all the time. I really enjoyed reading from their father's point of view. The only downside is that the book is very long with long chapters. I was becoming skeptical and slowly losing interest towards the end, but the author won me over again at the very end of the book with their father's voice. You could tell he loved and cared about his family, his voice was so full of warmth. Made me miss my dad :-(