You Sent Me a Letter - Lucy Dawson

It's two in the morning, the morning of Sophie's 40th birthday, when she wakes to find an intruder in her bedroom. They hand her a letter along with a threat: she is to open the letter later this evening in front of everyone at her party at exactly 8 p.m. or the people she loves will be in danger. As sleep eludes her, and her family fills her day with surprises, Sophie wracks her brain to come up with an answer as to what the letter contains and who could've sent it.

This was an easy read. The writing was good, it grabbed me from the very beginning. I played the guessing game a little and it was fun. But after eight o'clock came and went I was left feeling unsatisfied. After I learned what happened it just made the whole book weird and far-fetched, although I can appreciate the cleverness it took to weave the story together.