The Stepmother: A gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist - Claire Seeber

Jeanie and Matthew met, fell in love and got married after six months. They're supposed to have a fairytale marriage. Jeanie's the perfect wife, Matthew is the handsome and wealthy businessman with a big, beautiful home. They both have children from previous relationships. They're supposed to live happily ever after. But contrary to the fairytale, Jeanie is not an evil stepmother. She is caring and kind. While she is trying so hard to create one big happy family, someone else is threatening to destroy her marriage by digging up her old secrets.


I found the first half of the book boring. The story was finally picking up and getting good and then there was this weird twist that I found didn't fit in properly with the way the story was going. Towards the end it became too convoluted. I didn't mind Jeanie. I liked reading about her time in the big old house where she could hear the walls whispering and see a ghost referred to as the Grey Lady.