Emmy & Oliver - Robin Benway

Ever since her best friend and next door neighbour, Oliver, was kidnapped ten years ago, Emmy's parents are extremely overprotective of their only child. At seventeen she feels as though she's not allowed to grow up. But now Oliver has returned home. After being picked up by his father from school one day, Oliver spent the last ten years with him, not knowing he was kidnapped and thinking his mother didn't want him anymore. With Oliver back, Emmy hopes to get to know him again and see where their friendship takes them.

The whole book came together so well - the pacing, the characters, the writing - everything was so, sooo good. It didn't lack anything. There were no slow parts. I loved Emmy. I loved Oliver. I loved Emmy and Oliver together. I loved her relationship with her best friends Caro and Drew, their bond felt strong and genuine. Caro and Drew themselves were three-dimensional with their own joys and problems. Her relationship with her parents was frustrating but realistic. Even the ending was great. There's nothing about this book that I disliked.