Our Song - Ashley Bodette

Becca and Asher were best friends for years until she started dating Trip. Asher noticed she was more withdrawn and had lost her spark. Becca dumped Trip months ago but she's still distant with Asher. With both of their families vacationing at the cabin before school starts up again, Asher learns what happened between Becca and Trip and hopes that their own friendship can grow.

This touched on emotional and mental abuse within a relationship, and when I say "touched" I mean like if you were to touch something hot then immediately pull your hand away before getting burned. It would have been nice to have more depth there. I couldn't relate to Becca or Asher. I didn't like them, they got on my nerves. Another thing that bothered me was going on about the games they played, like "Don't Break The Ice" and "Phase 10." I've never played either game and found it tedious to read through the rules and how each player took their turn.