When We Collided - Emery Lord

Jonah Daniels is a seventeen-year-old who has a passion for cooking and is following in his father's footsteps. But with his father's sudden death six months ago, he has more on his plate than just black cherry cobbler. His mother has withdrawn from her family. She spends all her time in her bedroom while Jonah and his two older siblings look after their three younger siblings.


Vivi Alexander and her mother are staying in Verona Cove for the summer. Vivi is a vivacious sixteen-year-old who loves art and fashion. And Jonah Daniels. But her world is not all twinkle lights and glitter. She's been keeping something from Jonah and it takes something extreme for him to find out what it is.


The cover is lovely. The title is great. All the characters in this book were phenomenal, but I fell in love with Vivi. I loved her personality and her story. I don't have a word for the author's writing, it was soooo good! It was an honest and realistic portrayal of someone living with mental illness first-hand as well as someone living with a loved one who is suffering. You can't help but root for these two to find happiness. I loved everything about this book!