The Boy at the Top of the Mountain - John Boyne

Young Pierrot has lost his parents, his best friend, and his dog. He must leave his life in Paris behind and start anew in Germany with his aunt Beatrix. Beatrix is the housekeeper in a wealthy household at the top of a mountain. It's not just any household, it belongs to Adolf Hitler. And the Second World War is about to break out. Over the years spent under Hitler's wing, Pieter (no longer Pierrot) is transformed from a naive little runt to a young man who worships Hitler and will do anything to please him.

This is a powerful, well-written story. Pierrot made me feel so many different emotions towards him - sympathy, disbelief, hope, disgust. He was at an impressionable age, had no other father figure, and was impressed by the uniforms then became so filled with hatred. Another great and memorable book from John Boyne.