Death Chase: You can't run from the past. - Lizella Prescott

Mira, Isabelle and Kimmy have been friends since college. And remained friends through some pretty awful times. When Mira was drinking and doing drugs, she ruined her best friends' lives. For whatever reason they have both forgiven her and staged an intervention. A year into her sobriety, Mira and her friends are running a 50K wilderness race together, a race that Mira hopes will bring them closer. As the race progresses, strange things start happening, things that seem to be related to Mira's past. With no cell phone reception Mira wonders if they will make it out alive.


The chapters alternate between the past and present. I liked the idea of running a race and weird things happening. But I did not like the ending. At all. And there were quite a few spelling/editing errors which became distracting. But overall it was an enjoyable, easy read.