A Hundred Summers - Beatriz Williams

It's Memorial Day and New York socialite Lily Dane has come back to Seaview, Rhode Island, where her family stays for the summer. Unfortunately for Lily it's not going to be quite what she expected - the Greenwald's have decided to spend their summer in Seaview as well. Budgie is Lily's former best friend who has recently married Lily's former fiancé, Nick Greenwald. She inserts herself back into Lily's life as if she didn't steal the love of her life. But secrets and lies will eventually come out and turn everyone's lives upside down.

I love, love, love the author's writing. It's descriptive, flows smoothly, and is easy to get lost in. The book has great characters and alternating chapters of past and present - how Lily and Nick met, fell madly in love and how their engagement ended, and now, almost seven years later, how they react to seeing each other for the first time since it ended and how Nick came to marry Lily's best friend.