Tiny Little Thing - Beatriz Williams

Tiny is the oldest of the three Schuyler sisters, the one who has been raised to marry a man destined for greatness. With her elegance, impeccable style and delicate beauty she is picture-perfect. With her husband, Frank, they are the ultimate power couple. Their intelligence, wealth and good looks will work to his advantage in the dawning age of television politics. He has his sights set on becoming President of the United States one day. But the weight of everyone's expectations are becoming too heavy for Tiny to bear. To make matters worse three unwelcome visitors that appear in Tiny's life in the summer of '66 - her sister Pepper, her husband's war hero cousin Caspian and an envelope that contains a photo Tiny does not want anyone to see. Things are unravelling not only for Tiny but also for Frank who has secrets of his own that could put an end to his future plans.

This book goes back and forth between Tiny in 1966 and Caspian in 1964. It has the same great writing I've come to expect and love from Beatriz Williams. I enjoyed both stories. I felt bad for Tiny who felt she had to be the perfect daughter, the perfect wife, the perfect daughter-in-law, the one who didn't want to disappoint anyone, ever. Having read the third book before this one I have to say it didn't seem as juicy as the others and I think that's because of who Tiny is but regardless it's still a great read.