Along the Infinite Sea - Beatriz Williams

This is book number three about the Schuyler sisters, and the first book I've read. It can be read as a standalone. The book goes back and forth between Annabelle's life in Europe just before World War II and Pepper's life in America in 1966.


Pepper Schuyler fixes up a rare 1936 Special Roadster Mercedes and sells it at an auction. The mother-to-be is too proud to ask her family for help and the father of her child is a married politician who doesn't want anyone to know about the pregnancy. Pepper believes she can do things on her own and that the large sum of money will take care of her baby.


Annabelle Dommerich has just bought back the car she used to drive out of Nazi Germany. Having a past that includes a Nazi husband and a Jewish lover, Annabelle is no stranger to having secrets of her own. She takes young Pepper under her wing - she gives her a place to stay and someone to talk to.


This book was extremely well-written. The characters, the setting - everything came to life. Annabelle's story had a lot of depth and I loved reading about her life. There were definitely a lot of different emotions while reading this!