If He Had Been with Me - Laura Nowlin

Autumn and Phineas have been friends and neighbours all their lives. But as they reach the awkward years of hormones and new feelings, they begin to drift apart. Since their mother's were friends since childhood they often get together for dinner and holidays so it's not always easy to ignore each other like it is in high school.

We go through Autumn's four years of high school with her. She is part of a different crowd than Finny. She has her close-knit misfit friends and her boyfriend, Jamie. Finny is popular, a star soccer player with a cheerleader girlfriend named Sylvie. Autumn also shares her childhood memories of Finny. And she finally admits to herself what she already knew deep down all along. After all those long years things finally fall into place. But not for long.

The writing was so good! The characters were three-dimensional, the story flowed well. The last few chapters were lacking and felt rushed otherwise it would've been a five star read for me. Everything felt real - the friendships, getting drunk for the first time, wondering if he likes you but being too scared to do anything about it, the feeling after a breakup. It definitely took me back. I couldn't put it down.