The Friends We Keep - Susan Mallery

This novel focuses on three friends and the challenges they face and how they overcome them. This is the second book in the Mischief Bay series, and the first one I read.

Gabby Schaefer has spent the last five years as a stay-at-home mom to her twins. She can't wait to get back to work. But her world is turned upside down by shocking news and her husband's expectations.

Hayley Batchelor desperately wants a baby of her own. She and her husband have tried everything. But she's willing to keep trying even if that means destroying her marriage, going against her doctor's wishes and risking her life.

Nicole Lord is recently divorced and living a great life with her six-year-old son Tyler. She meets the perfect guy but is terrified to get involved. It's better to be alone than to get hurt, right?

Family, friendships and cute shop names (latte-da, the slice is right) give this book a cozy vibe. The book was realistic (although what happened with Hayley towards the end was a little far-fetched) and was a quick read due to how well-written it was. The thing that bothered me though was Gabby's fifteen-year-old stepdaughter Makayla almost always being referred to as "the teen" In my opinion it was ignorant and condescending. It was just a weird choice of words. Gabby's husband's expectations made me furious! And of course I absolutely loved Jairus!