Wild Swans - Jessica Spotswood

Instead of taking summer classes like her granddad would like her to do Ivy Milbourn is going to spend the summer before her senior year with her best friends having barbecues and bonfires and just plain enjoying herself. But things don't go as planned when Ivy's mother shows up with her two daughters.

Milbourn women have always lead extraordinary (albeit short) lives. Ivy's granddad takes great pride in the name and legacy. But Ivy doesn't see it as a legacy she sees it as a curse - why else would her mother abandon her as a child and go fifteen years without speaking to her?

Underneath that gorgeous front cover is a well-written story with lots of goodies: morals, diversity, a transgender, a biracial guy with tattoos who's interested in poetry, loving your body and who you are, strong friendships/relationships. Ivy and her feminist friend Claire were great! Ivy's mom.. not so much.