The Memory Box - Cassandra Campbell, Eva Lesko Natiello

Caroline Thompson is living a happy life in the suburbs with her husband and their two daughters. The suburban moms there entertain themselves by Googling everyone in town and then spreading gossip, but Caroline tries to avoid these women and she's relieved to be told that her name only appears three times - all about her philanthropy.

Caroline can't stand not to Google her maiden name, though - a name no one in the suburbs knows. By doing this she finds her sister's obituary - she's been dead for years but Caroline doesn't remember it happening. The more she finds out, the more her life unravels and spins out of control.

I loved the author's writing. It's always fun to get caught up in a book where I can't turn the pages fast enough - which happened from the very beginning. I really liked the character Caroline. Great ending too.