Bleed - Dax Varley

Miranda's wrists gush out blood. She doesn't know why or when it will happen. As if that isn't bad enough she has just enrolled at a new school which has been nicknamed "Suicide High" thanks to the increasing amount of suicides happening lately. It's here she bumps into a cute boy named Jake and learns that he has the power to predict the immediate future. Jake's friend, Sam, eats the sins of the dead. Two of their classmates also have special powers. Topher can heal by touch. Xyan can speak and understand all languages. When it becomes apparent that something or someone is behind the suicides, these five team up to destroy the evil that's running through their school.

This isn't the kind of book I usually read but it sounded interesting. Definite points for originality. Xyan got on my nerves. I hate when I don't know what the characters are saying because of different languages. I didn't care for the last few chapters but overall the book wasn't too bad.