Somebody I Used to Know - David Bell

Nick Hansen makes a trip to the grocery store one day and sees a young woman who looks exactly like his college girlfriend, Marissa. But Marissa died in a fire twenty years ago and when he tries to speak to the young woman, she gets spooked and runs off.

The next morning the police arrive at his apartment bright and early to show him a photo of the young woman at the grocery store. She was murdered and a piece of paper was found in her pocket with his name and address on it.

Nick is convinced there's a connection between the two women. With the help of his friend, Laurel, who happens to be a cop, they dig deep into the past and begin to unravel one hell of a story.

This book was so good! It was a suspenseful, well-written novel - it flowed together well and the characters were three-dimensional. I'm an animal lover, so I was rooting for Riley the whole way!