I Know My First Name Is Steven - Mike  Echols
This is the true story of Steven Staynor. A sick old man manipulated seven year old Steven into thinking they were going to talk to his mother about church, but they never made it there. Instead this sick fuck held Steven captive for seven years as his own son moving from one dump to another. It wasn't until the sick bastard kidnapped another boy that Steven decided to escape in hopes of saving the five year old from what he had been through.

The story also goes on to tell about the trial and about one arsehole in particular who put himself in charge of the case, who actually didn't do his job at all. The whole thing was basically a joke. Everybody wanted to ignore the fact that sexual acts were committed against Steven, and so everybody DID ignore that fact and the sick fuck got a slap on the wrist.

And actually, if you look up the author you'll find he was a sick bastard as well.