The Temp - Michelle; Wise,  Barbara A.; Kelley-Arney,  Cathy; Ehrlich,  Ann; Schroeder,  Carol L.; Passanisi,  Cheryl; Campeau,  Frances E.; Fleitz,  Jeana Blesi

Carrie is a successful TV producer. She has a perfect husband and together they have a perfect life. Until they learn that Carrie is pregnant and wants to keep the baby. She's worried she'll lose her job and when a temp, Emma, is found to take over while she's on maternity leave Carrie becomes even more worried that Emma doesn't only want her job, but she wants her entire life.

Sometimes when I finish a book I wonder what it was about the blurb that drew me towards it in the first place. I guess going behind the scenes of a hit TV show sounds interesting and what is young Emma really after? Unfortunately, in this case, going behind the scenes wasn't interesting and I couldn't care less what Emma was doing. I didn't care about any of them. Dull, one-dimensional characters doing and saying the same things over and over and over. It was all so boring! Every bit of it, right from the very beginning, boring. It's slow and far-fetched. Just after the halfway point I started skimming. I was going to give the book two stars, but then we get to the "big twist" at the end and my eyes rolled into the back of my skull. Ugh! So much unbelievable shit happening there that just made me hate the whole book.

Thanks to Netgalley and Publishers Group Canada for a copy.