Jar of Hearts - Jennifer Hillier

Georgina, Angela and Kaiser were best friends in high school. Angela, the most popular girl in school, loved her life so it didn't make sense that she'd disappear one night without a trace. Her remains have been found fourteen years later in the woods near Geo's childhood home. Kaiser, now a detective with Seattle PD, finally learns that Angela was a victim of serial killer Calvin James. Calvin was Geo's first love in high school and their relationship was far from perfect. During those fourteen years Geo made something of herself - she's the youngest VP at Shipp Pharmaceuticals and she's engaged to the rich CEO. Nobody ever suspected that she knew what happened to her best friend until she was arrested and sent to prison.

I have to admit this took me a while to get into but since it was a library book I kept turning those pages so I could finish quickly. Somewhere along the line I became absorbed. Poor Angela, what happened to her? I enjoyed reading about their teen years, prison life for Geo, and afterwards when we learn even more secrets. I was impressed with how some things happened but I also couldn't get over how convenient some things were. I hated the epilogue! But overall this was a disturbing, entertaining read. Now that I know how the name of the book ties in with the story I love it!