Explicit - Roxy Sloane

Jackson Ford is a bestselling novelist. He's arrogant and relentless. And he's way behind on his latest novel. His new editor, Ellie Parker, is desperate to get some of his pages to her boss before she loses her job, but Jackson is also stubborn and won't give her what she needs - at least when it comes to his novel.

I don't read a whole lot of erotica. The way the sex scenes are written usually have me rolling my eyes. But I thought this one was very well-written. There wasn't one part of this book that I did not like. Ellie was a hard worker, she was a good friend and a good daughter, she followed her heart. I loved the relationship between her and her best friends Bianca and Maggie. When Jackson wasn't being an arsehole he was a great guy! There were lots of cozy vibes - curling up by the fire, drinking tea and reading, watching the snowflakes, staying in a secluded cabin. I'm happy I read this!