Tin Man - Sarah Winman

Ellis and Michael are twelve when they meet and become best friends. They cycle the streets of Oxford, spend long lazy days on the beach, Ellis Sketches and Michael writes. They travel. And in between all that their friendships blossoms into something more. But not quite. A decade has passed and Ellis is married to Annie and Michael is no longer in the picture. But what happened to make it that way?

I did not like that there were no quotation marks at all in this short book. It was PDF and I could not open it on any program on my computer and the text was extremely small and frustrating to have to zoom in on every page on my phone or tablet so I read it on the kindle app which made the story sometimes confusing. However, I did enjoy this story more than I thought I would. I read Sarah Winman's other books and said that I liked them while I was reading them but forgot them immediately afterwards. But this one is going to stick with me. Ellis and Michael have such a strong, true connection that it is enviable. They, as well as Annie, really came to life. Their experiences were written in such great detail that they felt real. I could see everything as I was reading it. A really great story about living, love, loss and friendship that should make us grateful for the time we've shared with loved ones and for us to remember to enjoy the precious moments together with loved ones who are still here.

Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin Random House Canada for my copy.