Best Day Ever - Kaira Rouda

Paul Strom has the perfect life - he is a successful advertising executive, his wife is young and beautiful, they have two healthy boys together, they live in a big house in a wealthy suburb, and they now own a lake house. In fact, Paul is taking his wife, Mia, to that very lake house for a romantic weekend, just the two of them. Paul promised Mia this would be the best day ever, but the tension in the car is palpable and things don't go the way Paul had planned.

I love the cover and appreciate it more now that I've read the book, which was great from the very first page. The writing is stunning and flawless and allows us to really get to know the characters. The story is from Paul's point of view and we can definitely tell he's a smug arsehole. We also get the feeling that there's something sinister lurking just beneath the surface. I couldn't wait to find out what was going on. There's no big twists, just little bombs dropped here and there that had me thinking 'wow' It's amazing how different Paul's mind works from Mia's and everyone else's in the story, although it focuses quite heavily on husband and wife. This was a quiet but intense read and I absolutely loved every word!