Canadianity: Tales from the True North Strong and Freezing - Jeremy Taggart, Jonathan Torrens

Take a trip across Canada with Taggart and Torrens as they share their tales from the road, their observations and their best places to eat, drink and hang out in each province. They take us on a stroll down memory lane as they share their lists of top bands, tv shows and athletes from this great country. I really enjoyed reading about Jeremy's father's antics and Jonathan's embarrassing moments (sorry!) but everything in between was interesting too. I'm a proud Canadian and I always love hearing/reading about all the great people that came from here and what they've achieved. They don't even have to be famous - I loved the story about people helping others when the Fort McMurray wildfire took over. I grew up listening to Our Lady Peace and, of course, J-Roc is my favourite on Trailer Park Boys so it was cool to meet these two and find out they're just a couple of down-to-earth bahds. Great book!