Box of Terror (4 book horror box set) - Michael Bray

Box of Terror contains four stories. The first one immediately drew me in. I liked the writing and the content was interesting - a man finds himself inside a supermarket that sells a different assortment of food than other supermarkets and it was too late to escape the second he entered the store but he will stop at nothing to return to his family. Then I found the story dragged on and I wasn't as invested as I was at the first, but overall this one was good. 

The second story started off good, I liked the concept - a family has just moved to the middle of nowhere and they keep losing their power and the man stays and waits for the repairman while his wife and child go to stay with her mother before it gets dark. But then the author started to lose me with those made up words and I also found this one too long. 

I did not like the third story - a man hides himself away from the world and is obsessed with numbers. In no way did this one interest me. 

I did like the fourth story - a boy is excited to start school again after the summer, hoping the school bully will leave him alone but he doesn't and the boy wants revenge. 

So overall not a bad read for me but it wasn't great either.