Watching Edie - Camilla Way

Heather was immediately drawn to Edie. Edie was new in town, she was beautiful and creative, and she didn't know Heather was an outcast. But their friendship gradually starts to deteriorate when Edie falls in love with a handsome bad boy named Connor. All that is in the past now. They're no longer teenagers and they're no longer friends. Edie works as a waitress. She's pregnant and alone. When the baby arrives she becomes overwhelmed and sinks into a depression. There's no one she can turn to for help. Until Heather suddenly shows up at her door and begins to take care of the baby with no questions asked. But there's so much that has been left unspoken, too much has happened when they were teenagers for their friendship to ever go back to the way it was when they first met all those years ago.

This book goes back and forth between before the incident and after. Edie's perspective is told in the present and Heather's is told in the past. I couldn't wait to find out what tore their friendship apart, and when I finally found out, well, it just wasn't what I thought would happen. I think there are so many layers to both characters that ultimately we can see how things shaped them into who they were as teenagers and as adults. I thought Edie really grew as an adult and I did enjoy the very end.