Betrayal In Blue: The Shocking Memoir Of The Scandal That Rocked The NYPD - Ken Eurell, Frank C. Girardot Jr., Burl Barer
Mike Dowd and Kenny Eurell were two cops who ran the most powerful gang in New York's 75th precinct. They were drug dealers and they robbed drug dealers. They stole drugs, money and guns not only from criminals but also from the homes of people who had just called in saying their home had been broken into and they took these things from dead people's pockets. They formed an alliance with Adam Diaz who was the kingpin of a Dominican drug cartel. Mike and Ken were raking in big money and they were buying fancy cars, nice homes, and treating their wives to a life of luxury. Everyone knew what was going on but an officer could not squeal on another officer and the bosses did not want a public scandal so they turned a blind eye. But they couldn't get away with it forever. Mike, Ken and their fellow partners were eventually arrested and soon the newspaper headlines read "The biggest police scandal in New York history"

Wow. The amount of stuff the cops got away with in New York in the 1980's is unreal. It makes me wonder what went on in other places around the world, and how much of it is still happening to this day. Who are we supposed to turn to when the very people who are supposed to protect us are so damn crooked? Mike Dowd especially was just so brazen and so arrogant and flashy. This is quite the story of greed and very interesting (and frustrating) to read about.

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