The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley: A Novel - Hannah Tinti

Samuel Hawley has spent most of his life on the run. But now he has somewhat settled down in Olympus, Massachusetts for the sake of his teenage daughter, Loo. Olympus was where his late wife grew up and while he finds work as a fisherman, Loo struggles to fit in at school. Loo's maternal grandmother, Mabel Ridge, is still living in Olympus and still hates Samuel Hawley. She thinks the circumstances surrounding her daughter's death are suspicious and thinks he's to blame. She gives Loo newspaper clippings and leaves her wondering whether or not her father killed her mother. After all, he has a criminal past and twelve bullet holes to prove it.

This book was GOOD! It alternates between Hawley's past - how he got the bullet holes, how he came to know and love Lily and what happened to her and how he carried on after she died; and the present - what his life is like now and what Loo's life is like. And their lives are interesting! Both past and present are equally compelling. There was never a dull moment. These characters really came to life and I hated for the book to end. I felt like I knew Hawley and Loo and I certainly didn't want anything bad to happen to either of them. This book uncovers Hawley's dangerous past but also shows how much love a father has for his daughter and how far he'll go to protect her. Their bond was really something special. I added this to my 'favourite' shelf!