Everyone We've Been - Sarah Everett

Ever since Addison Sullivan has been in an accident, she's been having a hard time concentrating, a hard time sleeping, and she starts talking to a boy that no one else can see. She's worried she's going crazy. She doesn't feel as though she can talk to her parents or her brother, so in order to understand what's going on she visits a local medical facility that promises to help with memory. As she's leaving the clinic she finds out this wasn't her first visit - she's already had certain memories erased. Addison had a boy erased from her memory. Now she's determined to figure out who he was and what happened that she felt like her only option was to have him erased from her life.

This was a quick and easy read. It switches between before Addison was in the accident and after. I liked getting glimpses of how things were before. I thought when she started seeing someone no one else could it was going to go a completely different way than it did, but that's okay, it was still enjoyable and interesting. I liked Addison, and I liked Zach for the most part. But the medical facility - what happened there with Addison.. really? I just didn't like anything about it.