Swimming Lessons - Claire Fuller

Ingrid Coleman has been writing letters to her husband, Gil, and sticking them inside books he has collected over the years. In those letters she writes about the truth of their marriage; her side of the story. And after she's written her final letter she disappears, leaving behind Gil and their two daughters, Nan and Flora. After many years have passed, Gil is looking outside a bookshop window when he spots Ingrid outside, but she's gone by the time he gets outside and to make matters worse he takes a bad fall. Their youngest daughter Flora returns home to look after her father and to hopefully get some answers about her mother; little does she know that the answers to her questions are stuck between the pages of the books surrounding her.

This book is character driven. But sadly I found these characters and their lives boring. It goes back and forth to how Gil and Ingrid met, their early days together and the course of their marriage to the Coleman's lives without Ingrid. I liked the past more than the present. The concept is interesting and I liked the setting. But there's nothing to make this book stand out.