Her Every Fear - Peter  Swanson

Kate Priddy was almost killed by an ex-boyfriend. Now she has bouts of anxiety that could lead up to panic attacks. When a distant cousin from Boston, Corbin Dell, suggests they swap apartments for six months Kate agrees in the hopes that time away will do more good than harm for her. But after arriving to her new apartment on Beacon Hill, Kate learns that the young woman next door has been murdered. When the police question Kate about Corbin, she has few answers since she doesn't personally know him but has many questions of her own. After meeting another tenant in the building named Alan and a tearful friend of the victim outside the building named Jack, her curiosity is piqued. Did Corbin do it? She emails Corbin, who insists he did not murder his neighbour; he barely knew her. But after coming across objects that link him to the victim, she wonders if Corbin is in fact a liar and murderer.

A compulsive, easy-to-read, well-written, suspenseful book. Not a whole lot happens, it's more character-driven with characters that are real and believable. The only disappointment for me was the ending.