The Wicked City - Beatriz Williams

It's the late 1990's and Ella Hawthorne has just discovered her husband cheating on her and impulsively moves out of their home and into a tiny apartment in an old Greenwich Village building. After going down to do her laundry in the basement early one morning, her good-looking neighbour Hector advises her to stay out of the basement at night. The space next to the laundry room used to be a speakeasy in the '20's and laughter, clinking glasses, and jazz music can still be heard to this day.

It's the 1920's and Gin Kelly, a saucy redhead, has moved from the hills of western Maryland to the Big Apple where she gets caught up in a raid at a speakeasy known as the Christopher Club. She also gets caught up in a love triangle between a rugged, strait-laced Prohibition enforcement agent and a Princeton boy from a well-known, well-to-do family. Prohibition enforcement agent Oliver Anson persuades Gin to help catch her stepfather Duke Kelly, one of Appalachia’s major alcohol distributors and in the midst of that she uncovers secrets that will shock even her.

I honestly don't know how to tell someone how much I love this author's writing. Her books are just so damn well-written - descriptive without dragging on. Everything and everyone comes to life. It's told from two perspectives and they're both interesting. There are names in here that, if you've read her previous novels, you'll know. If it's by Beatriz Williams then you're guaranteed a great read and will be left wanting more.