A Year of Marvellous Ways - Sarah Winman

Marvellous Ways is in her ninetieth year. For nearly all her life she has lived alone in a remote Cornish creek. She's been spending her days sitting by the river with her telescope, waiting for something but not yet sure what that something could be.

Drake is a young soldier who has survived the Second World War. He has promised to fulfil a dying man's last wish to deliver a letter to his father. When that doesn't go exactly as planned, he finds himself at Marvellous Ways' creek where the two form an unbreakable bond.

Because of the way it's written it took me a while to get into. But Marvellous is such an interesting woman with so many stories to tell. I loved the peaceful setting of the creek - the flowers and the creatures that lived there. I also loved how simple things seemed magical, like the sea or how memories go into making bread. Like her previous novel "When God Was a Rabbit" I don't find it a memorable book but I enjoyed it as I was reading it.