The Other Sister - Dianne Dixon

Morgan and Ali are fraternal twins. Morgan thinks her life would be better without Ali. Now Ali is moving across the country with her husband to open up her dream restaurant. Morgan's jealousy and resentment will inadvertently create a chain of events that will cause things to get a lot worse before they get better.

The blurb sounded good, but this book was not. The characters are beyond unlikable. Morgan is so childish and petty - throwing temper tantrums just to hurt someone then wonders why no one likes her. Both Morgan and Ali are always wondering what secrets the other is hiding and they KNOW they're hiding secrets because of the way they blinked their eyes or whatever. The writing itself was not that good - it seemed amateurish to me. The story had no real depth. I was tired of hearing the same old things over and over and over. The ending is what caused it to drop from a two star book to a one star book - just awful.